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American Backflow H2O was founded in May 2017 with the interest in protecting drinking water from contamination through cross-connection control and backflow prevention. We are dedicated to providing technical assistance on backflow prevention through consulting, training and testing services. American Backflow H2O is committed to advancing all aspects of backflow prevention for the continued protection of our most precious resource.

About: Team

Bruce Rathburn

Backflow Prevention Specialist

Bruce started with San Antonio Water System in March of 1989 in communications, moved to the backflow prevention section in 1992 as backflow prevention inspector and later on as Supervisor for seventeen years. Bruce has worked in the General and Utility Construction Industry for 45 years. Bruce has held the post of President for his local chapter of the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) and continues to be active in the chapter meetings held monthly. Bruce is the Immediate Past President of ABPA. He is a certified and licensed Backflow Prevention Proctor, Instructor and Tester for ABPA and the state of Texas. He is on the state Cross Connection Control subcommittee that works under the Texas State Drinking Water Committee and the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Bruce consults with business and other entities throughout the country on dealing with alternative water use and cross connection control. In San Antonio, he is past Ex-Officio for the Plumbing Appeals and Advisory Board for the city. Bruce served on the PAAB board for Thirteen years and now serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the newly formed board as needed. In addition, Bruce is the Assistant Editor of The Direct Connection a monthly newsletter dedicated to Public Education and Health and Safety in the field of backflow prevention protection and cross connection control. On May 1st, 2012 Bruce was the recipient of the Meritorious Service Award which is the highest honor that you can receive from ABPA for his contributions to the backflow prevention industry.  

-Certified International Proctor Trainer and Tester
-Licensed Proctor Trainer and Tester in the state of Texas
-Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist
-Licensed Water Operator in the state of Texas
-Licensed Customer Service Inspector

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